Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sale bikes from John Atkins Cycles

By the end of the week there will be a new look (well more re-vamped) John Atkins Cycles Website and that will have a few changes from the old site...

The old site had the collection bikes, well we have decided that we will try and rotate these bikes through the shop and have a section where they can be viewed (but this is just on paper for now...) so that section has been removed from the website. The other new piece is the Sale Area. There will be up to 9 sale items on the website at any point. These may be bikes, parts or accessories but they will hold special web offers and will only be available for select amounts of time. These will not be available to purchase through but its acts as an advertising space for people to see some of the great offers we have in store. You can get extra information about the bikes on the site by calling or emailing the shop:

01926 430211

We are aware that the site has been a bit stale over the last few weeks so we are making extra effort to keep these sites up to date with fresh new 'stuff'. 


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