Sunday, 29 January 2012

Montague Navigator Demo Review

Well overview may be a better description..

I have used this bike a few times and was so impressed I fell that I need to give the bike a little shout out.

This model is the John Atkins Cycles Demo bike and is available to use so call 01926 430211 if you want a go. The Navigator is a great model to try because you can see what great bikes these are even in a more basic spec. The bike (in my opinion) feels stiffer than a normal bike around the bottom bracket and still comfortable when riding. I rode this bike to and from work down the canal tow paths, they are not great this time of year so it was a good little test for the 'urban' model.

Overall the bike feels solid, not like a folding bike at all. For me the bars are a little narrow but for the urban model that is expected. The weight isn't too bad and considering the fairly basic spec it all worked well and it didn't feel cheap. This model comes with the rack and mudguards as standard although the accessories are available for all of the 700c wheeled bikes. The guards are narrow but I was surprised to rock up outside my house and still be mud free.. so the guards are a winner for me.

Some of the other cool and funky features of the Montague Navigator are the QR levers and the stem in particular. All of the Montague bikes feature QR front and rear axles, seat clamps and folding clamp. The Navigator also has a clever safety stem that is height adjustable but has a safety pin that stops the stem from coming out of slipping down. again this is a tool-less system and has a QR lever to keep it all rigid and solid.

So the bike rides well, does it fold well. YES. This bike is a great idea if you are a leaisure cyclist who maybe has a caravan or motor home, live on a boat or just need to get the bike in the car on a regular basis. All of the Montague bikes are easy to fold and its really quick. Again, a tool-less process and you don't need a degree in engineering to get the bike in the car.

There is a bag that can be a great addition if you tend to get the bike dirty but don't want to leave the car or house in a state. So, take the front wheel off and fold the bike. 2 QR's and that's it. The bike is folded. In this case I did put the bars in the lowest position and put the seat down. On a bike with the mudguards you will need to take the front guard off but guess what, its QR and takes 2 seconds.

As you can see the bike fits easily in the book of the average hatchback (I have a Ford Focus). The only thing I would recommend as an upgrade would be some folding pedals but they are not essential as you can get the bike in the car and fold it with no problems. 

As mentioned, this bike is available to demo so just pop in or give us a call on 01926 430211 for more information.


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