Friday, 21 September 2012

Short but Sweet!

So after some sweet talking, the bosses here at JAC lent another beauty of a bike! I've already got the John Atkins Session but this a little smaller and a very fun winter/play/training/mini dh/trail/do anything and everything bike!

The frames a fairly rare Yeti 4x full sus that as anyone who's owned one will tell you makes an awesome short travel go any where bike as well as a more than capable racer as I proved in 2009 when I raced the British 4x on my previous one.

The build on this incarnation is a bit more robust than my last with some 100-140mm adjustable Rock Shox Revelations up front to suit any situation, Hope Hoops built onto DT XR500 rims for a light yet resilient wheel set, full SRAM group set for perfect shifting and as always Conti Rubber keeping me glued to the floor.

I've added a few little flourishes to the build like a PIMP Gold Hope chainring and a set of Renthall Fatbars both of which we've just started stocking in the store! Hint hint ;-)

She got her first outing at the DTV local DH race in the forest of dean a few weekends ago, a few pedally sections and plenty jumps meant this was the perfect weapon for the job over my full on Trek Session DH bike. I can safely say we bonded straight away and many bar turns and tweaks were done over the jumps with the flat pedal at the top being covered at warp speed!

I'm looking forward to many months of fun on this little beast!


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