Friday, 24 May 2013

Ok, so this is still running..

After the little 'switching over' period, it has been decided that this blog is still going to be the active blog. It's a long story that isn't interesting in any way, shape or form so we shall just get back to it and restart the blogging action!

It has been a busy 5 months since the last post, we have some new kit, new stock and new staff. You can now find a 'John Atkins Cycles Workshop' Facebook page of which will be maintained by our new workshop manager and reoffending John Atkins inmate Jason. You will find a full range of Mavic wheels, tyres, helmets and shoes now in stock and selling really well. They fit well and look great! We have our new race team headed up by our main man Keeny - it's exciting to have a fresh racing team with the van and kit recently making the trip to Germany for the 4x. For more information on the team progression check out our Facebook or our new site:

All this plus more. I will endeavour to get the blog back up to speed with details on some great bikes and other things that happen in store. 

So keep your eyes peeled, we will be back on it!


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