Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Factory Fresh

As the sun shines we get a chance to see some interesting and some shockers. This week we had a beauty!

This Raleigh Record Ace looks factory fresh. You can tell this bike has been loved and it doesn't need much to get it back on the road. Everything on this bike is original, I mean everything. You wouldn't believe that even tyres would still look this good, no cracks or splits, just some slight discolouration. 

The reason the bike is in with us is down to the fact that the wheels aren't really as tidy as the rest of the bike. The spokes are the only thing that really need changing and that's all in progress now. A simple rebuild with new spoke will get this lovely bike back on the road. 

There will be an update when the wheels are done - getting this bike back in the sun. Meanwhile the happy customer and his wife are riding around on some rather nice Ridgebacks while the Raleigh is in the workshop. 


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