Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Maverick Parts Online Ordering

As these Maverick forks are still going strong on the front of many people rigs, they still need servicing. 

We DO still service Maverick forks and spares are still available. Some of which need to be ordered and there can be a wait for these. Most of the main 'fragile' and service parts are available. Some of the original parts have been replaced with redesigned and stronger parts, we have most of these in stock. 

If you are after some Maverick parts, please head over to www.maverickbike.co.uk to see some tech docs and you can find most of the info you need. Then check out www.johnatkinscycles.co.uk and search for the item or search for the Maverick part number. You can purchase nearly all the Maverick items from our website but if you can't see what you need, call or email us for more info. 

If you would like to book your forks or rear shock in for a service, again please get in touch. These can be sent to us and we do post finished forks back, so you don't need to be local to have a service. All forks must be booked in before being sent to us so please contact us first for an estimated turn around. 

Let's keep these lovely forks alive!

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