Wednesday, 24 August 2011

2012 Exposure Lights Announced

U.S.E's light range, Exposure have announced to the cycle trade that the 2012 lights are packing some new and exciting features. Cooler LED's that improve battery life are just one of them.

They have presented an impressive range of lights coming into the 2011 season and they are proving a popular choice with healthy competition from Light and Motion and Hope just to name a few. My personal favorite would have to be the 'Six Pack'. Back in the winter I commuted down the local canal tow paths with a selection of lights strapped to the bars of my Kona Ute.

This was a great way to test all of the lights one at a time but in the same conditions. (Also John Atkins cycles have a sample of each light available for Demo use - so pop in and give one a try in time for the winter season!). The canal commute was a great opportunity to use the lights and I must say that there is a light for everyone and every budget. The Six Pack was my favorite because on the canal there less people to blind as you illuminate everything in sight. Its like turning the Sun on! Is also comes with a very robust bracket that attaches to the handle bars. This can be said for a lot of the lights in the Exposure range. John Atkins Cycles have all models in Demo form and we have decent stocks of both Exposure and Hope lights. So don't leave it too late into winter, come and have a look now!


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