Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Growing Cycle Interest

A BBC report has revealed that the cycle industry is creating a nice sum towards the UK economy. It is nice to see more and more cycles on the roads and tracks of the UK and all sorts of people choosing this form of transport. Whether its for leisure, commuting, training or racing, the fact that bikes are now becoming more a common sight can only be a good thing. This is reflected in the later part of the article. Its reported that cyclists have less sick days than non cyclists. More benefits for cyclists needed then?.. A well known component manufacture - Chris King, helps their employees by giving them cafe credits if they commute to work. Its called the Commuter Challenge. This seems like a great scheme and I think that if more UK companies/authorities followed the ways of Chris Kings plan, more people may take the leap. After all better health, money saving, less petrol and less sick days are already good reasons to get on that bike!


BBC article:

Chris King:

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