Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Liteville Frame In Stock NOW!!

You need this in your life! This bike has all the answers. There are so many cool features on this frame that make you think 'why didnt I think of that?!'. 

You can tell this has been designed by a rider. There are too many features to mention but I will try.. :-)

Here are some pics.

Machined logo

Adjustable Geometry with tidy cable routing

3D Decals

Hidden from view. The underside of the top tube is formed and this is where the cables can be routed for dropper seatposts! Neat touch that directs the cable to exactly where it needs to be and its hidden.

All black, Sweet!

Nice cable recesses 

Post mount and bolt through

The mech hanger on this bike uses a sacrificial bolt in case of accidents occurring and there is a spare bolt located in the BB shell

Lovely machining and a bolt location on the chain stay for a direct mount chain guide wheel 

Smart touches like this for mini zip ties, keeps the bike looking neat. Also having the hose routed this was means the hose in inboard of the frame and out of the way if you tend to get friendly with immovable, hose tugging objects.

RRP - £1899.

There are many more cool things about this frame that I could mention but I recommend that you get down to JAC and have a look, awesomeness awaits!


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