Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pinarello Stock... Exciting!

Right, we have sorted our stock and they are all being built as I type.

We have a nice spread of stock from Pinarello with more on their way soon. 

We have:

(All 2012 models)
£2299.99 - FP Due 105 55cm (Colour 554 RED)
£2199.99 - FP Due Veloce 53cm (Colour 553 White/Silver)
£3999.99 - FP Quattro Ultegra Di2 54cm (Colour 567 White/Red)
£1399.99 - FP Uno Tiagra 54cm (Colour 547 White/Silver)
£2999.99 - ROKH Ultegra (Colour 52cm 560 Red)

More pictures to follow, but as you will know, they are stunning! All the above are IN STOCK now!

For more information pop in to John Atkins Cycles or call 01926 430211


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