Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dahon Folding Bikes now IN STOCK!

We have Dahon folding bike back in stock after a 2 year break. They have stepped up the game with this one! This bike is call the Dahon MU-N360. (Catchy title I know...). But it is something a bit special. This bike has a NuVinci 360 Hub. Its a variable hub gear with no set gear spacing. This is strange at first but it soon makes sense. Instead of picking a gear that is near enough, twist the shifter until the gear is right and leave it... Very clever. Plus the shifter is very cool with a little person on a bike.. :-)

That is one very cool shifter!

This bike is £1000 with the NuVinci hub but there are loads of other bikes in the range so for more advice call or pop in store.


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