Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sick of the Rain?

This drought we are having is is awful... So when does the rain stop??

Anyway we have a store packed full of product to brighten up your day!

If you like the rain riding conditions:

Heavy Duty Tyres,
And more!

If you don't like the rain riding conditions:

Turbo Trainers and Rollers (Ask for our deals in store!)
Energy Food and Drinks,
Maintenance Equipment,
Great Servicing options from our Workshop,
And more!

We are not open on Bank Holiday Monday but be sure to pop in and see us from 9-5.30 to get your bike looked at and get the kit you need to keep those wheels turning. 

We also have some great deals on clothing (summer and winter clothing)  in store so come in, try stuff on and grab a bargain!


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