Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Custom Colnago Master X-Lite.

This is beautiful.

Custom Spec-ed and built here in store!

This bike has all sorts of lovely polished goodies hanging off it, where do we start??

Well lets start with the frame and fork. As to be expected with the Master, formed tubing and chrome lugs with hand pained gold detailing and the same can be said for the fork. Wheels where hand built in store. Chris King hubs on DT spokes and Halo polished rim. Classic looks with modern strength and performance. Stem, bars and seatpost from Ritchey's Classic Range. Again giving a quality, modern aspect to the bike. Silver Campagnolo parts finish the build with the retro feel. 

This bike can stand next to retro bikes and fit in a treat. All new and nothing that will be difficult to replace or outdated. 

There are soooooo many little details on this bike I am sure there will be some people looking at these pictures for a while.. :-)

Any more information on custom builds, restorations or any other servicing inquiries call on 01926 430211


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  1. Drooling. Loving the chrome lugs and fork.