Friday, 7 December 2012

New Website!

I am sure some of you have already seen our new design website..

This is an exciting move for us as the number of products that appear on our site is now in the 1000's rather than the 100's. As with any new project there are teething problems along the way but we are happy to announce that the site is up and running with a huge range of products for sale. 

A lot of the products don't have images as yet, but give us time and you will find them filtering through. 

Those of you that read our blog on a regular basis will be aware that we have not done any posts for a while now, the website launch was the main focus but we hope that we can continue to 'banter' as normal from now on. 

Our new website has some pretty cool features. My personal favorite is that we can have a huge range of products on there quickly and clearly. For example, we launched this new look site with over 6000 individual products from day 1. This will be increasing as time goes on. We can also display the huge range of bikes that we have in stock as well as all the accessories and clothing we have in store. 

There are now share buttons on each product so an item can be sent to Facebook or Twitter to show your friends for example. 

We have easy access to our blog and our Flickr Gallery on the site also.

And for those wanting a bargain, we have a 'Clearance' tab for all those end-of-line items and any offers we may have from time to time.

So, with that I hope you can explore the site with ease to find what you are after... If you have any questions or queries about the site or about a product, please use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom the page, or the 'Email Us' link at the top of the page.


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