Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Brilliant Genesis Day-One Alfine Di2

This is a lovely bike. 

This would make a super premium pub bike! Or a super sturdy commute bike for the more sensible. Rack mounts, guard clearance etc. 

We are loving the new Di2 version of the 11 Alfine hub from Shimano. The best thing I reckon is the display unit. I can see some really cool applications for this in the near future, built into stems etc. 

It has a reassuring, quick and quality change and it's all set up from the PC. (Remember we can offer software and firmware upgrade for all Di2 platforms in store). 

Genesis are being quite adventurous with their specs this year and we have heard of some more exciting things to come. 

I am sure the owner with enjoy many electronically shifted moments on this steed. 

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