Friday, 14 March 2014

Signed Up: Bliss

Bliss is new to the market and as far as armour goes, it's brilliant. The Bliss range contains two type of padding. There's a foam pad type and active gel. It's washable and resilient. The active gel is where it's at! Super comfortable and moldable, the pads absorb impact and unlike other brands on the market they don't degrade. 

Keeny decided he was going to try on a small. It didn't fit. 

This suit with built in back protector was the perfect opportunity to have some fun.. Attacking Keeny with a handle bar was annoyingly softened by the pad protecting his back. I hit him pretty hard aswell and he was hurt. 

They have a pretty good range and we will be stocking them as soon as they arrive in early April. 

They are ideal for XC, trail and mainly Enduro riders. Lightweight and unrestrictive, the quality is enhanced by the well designed fabrics and tough construction. 

They even have a bag that's got loads of internal pockets, quality zips, bladder compatible and of couse contains a back protector built in. Removable when not required, this bag is everything you could want from a riding bag. 

Check out in April for info. 

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