Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Nice Kinesis Build with New Hope V-Twin

As you can see the customer couldn't wait to get out and about on this bike. Through the mud you can see the Kinesis frame and fork with some new Hope bits and bobs. This bike is the first to leave the shop with the new V-Twin system from Hope! This is a tidy little box of tricks that converts the cable pull action from any standard STI lever into positive hydraulic braking power! At £250 for the unit (that is V-Twin, hoses and calipers) its a pretty good price for some hot off the press tech. We have a black version (same as pictured) in stock now. This bike is also sporting some Hope hubbed, Mavic rimmed wheels built in house and the Hope rotors to suit. Over all the customer was chuffed and we think we will be seeing more and more bikes of this type rolling out of the shop in the months to come.


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