Saturday, 17 December 2011

Stealth Custom Yeti Carbon

This Yeti has been built and set up by us but its by no means finished...

There are the basics for a stealth machine and the owner has some great plans for it. 

Over the winter it will remain in its current livery and after all the muddy horrible weather is out of the way the bike will be re-born in an all black, under the radar approach.

As you can see, the black spec has started with the Thomson stem, black rims and finishing kit all to match. The Hope brakes have been fitted with black bore caps and black lever adjusters (we don't think this has been done yet as we pulled in a favor from the guys at Hope) - Let us know if you have seen this before and I am wrong... :-) Clearly Black rotors to suit.

The Forks will be resprayed black, black frame decals (we dont know if the green flash will stay or not yet) and some other select choices once the winter is out of the way. Another happy customer :-)


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