Saturday, 21 July 2012

Custom Kansi - Belt Drive

You may remember this from about a year ago, well its a LONG story but the bike is finally back and there have been some changes. This Kansi 1twenty of mine has been custom built using parts from the other belt drive Kansi I built before. Let me list the custom parts on here and some of which are pre-production :-)

Custom cut bars with Kansi bar ends and foam grips
Crazy Bob tyres (nightmare to get to work so if you have a Kansi, just don't bother...)
Black and Yellow SDG saddle.
Surly Chain Tug.
Gates Carbon Belt Drive (front ring, rear sprocket and carbon belt)
Rear wheel has been re-built onto a Shimano BMX hub.
Pre-Pro' Kansi Yellow Pedals and Yellow 'stay fold' - Thanks M.H!
and all the custom cut stickers in YELLOW! (Made in store!)

Some of the newest editions to the Kansi are:
Black bits, there are now black cranks, brake and lever - nice touch.
Magnets to ensure the bars stay close to the bike when folded. - again nice touch.

Well its taken a long time but the bike is finally here. I think I will be changing the tyres again for something narrower but we will see.

Let us know what you think :-)



  1. Hi, Just come across this..looks great. Was the belt drive pretty straight forward to install? Currently got three kansi's in the household and I fancy doing a 'custom job' to the 1twenty!

    1. yes they are fairly easy to install as these bikes do not have chain stays. this one could be for sale to add to your collection ;-) give us an email if you are interested, Ritch