Sunday, 29 July 2012

Electric Bike Anyone?

We have a range of electric bikes in store and the idea is getting more people interested as the technology progresses. The bike are becoming smarter and the batteries are lasting longer making electric bikes an interesting proposition. 

The top of the range Scott has it all! Its not the cheapest in the market but you can rest easy knowing that the tech behind the bike is sound and the quality is spot on. There are loads of nice features built into the design that are also transferred to the non-electric bikes too.

You will notice the integrated rear mudguard and rack, the frame mounted prop stand located at the rear of the chain stay and the purpose built frame to house the Bosch battery and motor system. Its a clever system that can be set in different modes depending on the particular use. It gives you all the information you need from the head unit from predicted range to current speed. The head unit is also back-lit when the lights are turned on. These are wired to the bike and are very powerful. 

The overall package has been well thought out to provide the best riding experience. The motor is mounted on the frame and at the cranks, this give the bike a lower centre of gravity and unlike most other electric bikes, reduces rolling weight. When the motor is in the wheel it makes the bike harder to accelerate and brake and can also effect the handling of the bike. 

The bikes are in store now and available to try. We keep them charged so just pop in to have a look. 


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