Monday, 20 January 2014

A little something from our newest team rider

Reginal School of racing - Elimination race.

On 21 December I went to the regional school of racing (RSR) in Manchester which gave me the opportunity to be coached by British cycling coaches for the day on the velodrome.

The day was split into two sessions and in the morning we had a classroom lessons learning and discussing the rules, skills and tactics of the Elimination race, also known as The devil takes the hindmost. The Elimination is a race where the last rider over the line is eliminated every two laps on a 250m track.

In the afternoon for 4 hours we were on the track using the skills we had learnt into practice. My favourite part of the afternoon was putting into practice the tactic for having the best position in the bunch during the elimination race and then holding onto that position for as long as possible. The bike was great and riding it on the track is more exhilarating than training at home with the track bike on rollers!

The last part of the day was taken up with mechanical changing the chain tensions and putting wheels in and out of the bike on our own.

Having the advise of the British Cycling Coaches was great they gave me good tips to improve my skills and perfect tactics to try.

Katie Clements

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