Thursday, 30 January 2014

Core Show and The Bike Place - Adventure Bikes and Accessories

Planning on riding off into the sunset? Or planning on doing a 'Kevin' and heading out to Scotland for a few weeks? There is a certain American brand that is becoming the default option for adventure cycling. 

Surly and Salsa are the genesis of all the snow / fat bike trends but unlike some, they remain functional. Many fat bikes are being released to fit with the trends. 

But at the top of the game is this full carbon Salsa. If you have over £4k and you need to ride over snow or sand in the middle of nowhere then I think I have found your bike. 

The Salsa Fargo set up with the bags was right up my street. Steel frame, 29" wheels, drop bars plenty of bags and it's YELLOW!

The Bike Place Show also had some Fat bikes to offer

Extreme brand 45NRTH are now available in the UK via a major distributor so you can now get such awesome-ness as these SPD boots for the worst of weathers. 

It's got furry insides..

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