Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lightweight Wheels

IIf you are after hand made awesome-ness then Lightweight wheels should be a good start. With another set of these leaving us last weekend, they are becoming ever more popular. 

At £3k+ a pair they are a premium choice but not a fragile one. They have a weight limit of 110kgs on some models and clincher or tub options are available. Lightweight also have a damage replacement cover option for their products to ensure you are never without wheels for long, even if you manage to destroy a pair. As the frosts threaten to approach, the already poor roads will undoubtedly get worse and the risk of hitting a pot hole will increase so cover like this is wise. 

Another one of our brands, Mavic, are also doing such a scheme. Again becoming popular as the risk of damaging gear becomes expensive. Mavics cover extends to some of their other products too, such as the helmets and shoes for example. Remember you can only get this cover on products purchased from an autherised dealer. 

So whether is some Aksiums for the winter rig or LWs for something a little more special, come and have a look in store. 

Ps. If you have ever wondered what happens to the unfortunate rims that don't make the cut, they get made into coat hangers, check them out..

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