Monday, 19 March 2012

John Tomac Carbon/Ti Raleigh

This has been the talking point for a lot of retro fans and its now back on display in John Atkins Cycles. 

This bike is very special. This is one of 4 known bikes that were made to replicate the bike Tomac rode for a short while. This particular bike was the housed at the UK Raleigh HQ on display in the main entrance as a proud display of Tomac-ness. Its short history ends with it being sold to John Atkins Cycles when Tomac moved on from Raleigh.

This bike is one of the 4 promo bikes made by Raleigh back in the day. 2 are thought to have stayed in the USA and one went to Europe. These 4 bikes had Titanium sections made by Merlin (rather than the 80 or so replicas made after by Litespeed) and have no frame numbers. There is just a small mark on the BB. 

The Tomac Raleigh has never been ridden and is all original. As you can see, some of the stickers are peeling and the original Rock Shox paint job is fading. To this day they tubes and tyres even hold air and the mold marks can still be seen. So overall its not doing too badly for its age. 

There is plenty of information (some more opinions than information) on the internet if you want to know more but otherwise the bike is here for you to drool over. So why don't you come on down and see it for yourself.


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