Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Result! Cervelo S5 Di2 DEMO!

If you guessed Cervelo S5 then you were right! Congratulations, you get to brag to all your friends!

Now, this bike is a stunner! Do you want to know the best bit? YOU can ride it!

This bike has been spec'd and built in store as a DEMO bike so the Ultegra Di2 can be tested. 

The battery and cables have been routed on the outside so customers can easily see the components of the Di2 group and how they link with each other. 

If you want to see the Di2 Cervelo it will be by appointment only so please get in touch on 01926 430211 or for more information see any of our staff. 

With all this talk of Di2 its easy to forget what its all attached to... The Cervelo S5 has been a long awaited arrival in store with many heads have been turned by its awesome looks and clean lines. The White DT Swiss wheels also look, well perfect!

This bike is fitted with a Turbo tyre and is ready to be tested on one of our Tacx VR trainers so let us know and get booked in! Get this number in your phone: 01926 430211. John Atkins Cycles!


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