Saturday, 3 March 2012

Scott E-Bike, Orange anyone?

We have the newest E-bike on the block from Scott.

This bike is in store now and is a joy to ride. We can arrange demo rides of the Scott system (provided by Bosch Systems) so get in touch 01926 430211

This bike comes how you see it, with the guards, rack and lights included. This bike will do up to 90 miles on a single charge and there are some nifty features that set this above the rest. Its light, well in Electric bike terms it is. Weighing in at around 20kg its among the lightest of the bunch with full size wheels. The assistance comes from the bottom bracket area so the majority of the weight low, this gives the bike a responsive and stable feel. The great thing about this range is that they are proper bikes with the ability to cope with the abuse all weather, everyday riding brings. This Bosch unit also allows different levels of assistance. There are various modes included touring, eco and SPEED (we like speed mode). These allow you to chose the mode that suits you and each mode is also adjustable. The funky little computer even tells you speed and range remaining. A clever feature in my opinion. 

So don't delay. Get down to JAC or call 01926 430211


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