Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Sun is out, make the most of getting out on the bike.

As the nights are getting brighter and the days longer, its a great opportunity to get out on the bike and put some miles in. Either on the road bike or with the family, there are some simple things you can do to make sure you enjoy this sunny weather. 

1. Puncture protection tyres.

Remember the last time you had a puncture? Nightmare isn't it.. We stock a range of puncture protection tyres and the Schwalbe tyre pictured is one of the best. There are different levels of protection and it really does make a difference! They come in most sizes and its our best selling tyre range so make sure your bike is puncture free this year!

2. Buy a Track Pump.

Making sure your tyres are pumped up makes even the oldest, battered bike feel better to ride. Keeping the tyres at the maximum pressure stated on the tyre ensures the least amount of drag and you need to put less effort in to moving the bike as well as improving steering. This simple act also helps prevent punctures, breaking thorns rather than letting them pierce the tyre. A Track Pump is the best way to achieve these pressures and most have built in gauges so you know just what PSI to put in. 

3. The correct helmet.

There are many helmets on the market these days and most are targeted at a specific type of rider. If you are looking for a new helmet then come and see the range we have in store. We have crossover helmets that look good on MTB or road bikes or we have the commuter style helmet of which is styled to be a bit more subtle. We also recommend that you think back to when you bought your last helmet. If your helmet is looking tired its probably best you got rid. Helmets are designed to take one impact, if the helmet get kicked around the garage or dropped, again its safe practice to change it. We stock MET, Giro, Scott and Lazer helmets all year round.

4. Kids Seats.

If you are going to take the kids them make sure they are comfy and safe with a strong and well fitted child seat. We currently stock Yepp and Topeak kids seats as over the years having experienced poor quality and badly fitted seats we have found these to be the best. We can fit the seats in store and we carry them in stock all the time and make sure they get a little helmet too (again in store for you to try and get fitted).

5. A fully working bike!

Make sure your bike is all up and running well with a service in our workshop. There is a huge amount of fair weather riders out there (including myself :-p) so as the fair weather is here, get the bike back up to its full potential. There is nothing worse than dodgy gears or a corroded chain spoiling your evening. We have a full range of services available so pop the bike down and we can quote you for the work in store. All work is carried out by fully trained Cytech qualified mechanics and we are proud to have 3 of them here at John Atkins Cycles. 

For more information on products or booking please pop down or call on 01926 430211


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