Friday, 2 March 2012

Rotrax Semi Restoration..

I will explain.. I have got this 1951 Rotrax and it was in a bit of a state. I had recently sold my Raleigh Single speed and NEEDED (more wanted if the truth be known) another SS. I have also wanted to do some special wheels, not quite sure what special but I had Kevin build be these... Stunning! 

Please note the 3 cross, radial mix spoke pattern, this took a lot of convincing! Looks awesome in my opinion though..

Anyway, the bike needed to be nice enough to spend some money on but a little rough around the edges so I wouldn't feel bad riding it. So this is how the bike turned out. It has all of the original GB components: Bars, Stem, Brakes and Levers, although they are a bit battered. I think that adds a bit of charm though as this bike has come out of retirement after all. Here are the piks...

Spec List:

Original Rotrax Frame and fork.
Orginial GB Brakes, Stem, Levers and Bars
Original Headset, Cranks and BB (with Grease port :-)  )
Blue Brooks B17
NOS Seatpost with hand painted blue fluting.
Steel Chrome pump
New Dura-Ace Cables
Foam Grips
Hand laced 3 cross, radial mix Wheels - Halo Retro polished rims, Miche Primato Track front hub, System EX rear track hub.
Token Freewheel (sounds like a swarm of bees following you)
Schwalbe Lugano Tyres.

If you want any more information on restoration builds or other servicing then get in touch 01926 430211

Hope you like :-)


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